It is a smart, affordable device that helps you manage your mailbox. 

The Beacon created for You and your friends.

This is the first Bluetooth Beacon for everyone! We all have a mail box, and Mail Beacon is the first smart gadget to manage it (in house, flat or office). You and your friends and family will love the convenience, so it’s a great gadget and gift.

An anti-theft feature sends a report if mail is removed by someone who is not permitted to receive your correspondence. 

You won’t have to keep checking the mailbox waiting for letters and parcels. Just wait for Mail Beacon’s notification.  You can manage your mailbox better by checking it less often.

Stay focused on relevant mailing. Just choose not to be notified for Spam in your mail box, and you won’t receive notifications for it.

When your mailbox is full, Main Beacon will send you notification to take out its contents. You’ll know exactly when it’s time to pick up your mail.

Saves your time

Keeps post box ready

Filters SPAM

Secures your mail 



Innovative features

This user-friendly device and mobile application notifies you and reports the state of your mailbox (sender, number of items, parcels, dimensions, delivery time and date).

The first Smart Networking device

Bluetooth Low Energy devices require a direct connection in a short range (up to 100 m). Therefore, to extend the range to worldwide, some kind of smart hub is needed, which costs more. We looked to small community behavior for inspiration for a solution.


Sometimes we ask for help from our neighbors. In the case of smart networking, your neighbor’s phone can forward Mail Beacon status update to you. Just take a look:


If you’ll be away from home, you can ask a friend to install the app too. His phone can connect to the Internet and forward your status updates to you. 

Android & iOS

Up to 1.5y battery life time

Bluetooth Low Energy

Anti-theft system

Optical sensor

MEMS sensor


How MailBeacon works. 

The device waits for any action inside the mailbox. Then it scans each inserted item. 

Thanks to the several optical detectors, the device can define the dimensions, count the number of letters or parcels, and see the sender. It even analyzes the content look to sort “spam” content.  Like e-mail, spam filters don’t always work well, but Mail Beacon can tell with 99 percent accuracy whether the inserted item is spam or not.

The MailBeacon App 

When we first came up with the idea of Mail Beacon, we wanted to create easy and user friendly app with sense of humor, and that’s how we built it. Basic setup is to pair the device with the app. You can adjust your notifications, “spam” filter, and sharing settings. 

It is really tiny (25x25x8mm) device; almost invisible. A waterproof enclosure protects the electronic circuits and keeps the device ready for a long time.

The device should be placed to see the biggest area as possible (usually on top of the post box in a central place).  In some cases, it can reduce Bluetooth range, but we added an RF socket for an external flexible antenna to gain radio range if needed. The external antenna should be stuck on the outer part of the mailbox or close to the some hole. The range is highly dependent on the environment and the phone used as well.



Q: Is there any monthly fee?

No. The only expense is the Mail Beacon device.


Q: Can I use the app for more than 1 device?

Yes, you can use more devices i.e.: for house, office, grandpa box, etc.


Q: Do I need to get external antenna?

If you have fully metal post box, Bluetooth Low Energy range is not enough.  In this case it is better to get an external antenna for each Mail Beacon separately.


Q: Does the Main Beacon need any maintenance?

Depending on environmental conditions, we recommend to clean the camera lens every 6 months.  You will be notified if clearing is needed.


Q: Does the app affect to Smartphone battery usage?

Yes, but it is not noticeable.  Your Smartphone needs to discover Main Beacon periodically. It takes some amount of energy. However, scanning is enabled only if you are near the mail box.  Thanks to this trick, we can reduce your battery usage.


Q: Are there any Bluetooth device density limits in small communities?

No, each device has unique ID, so there is no problem.


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